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morning wellness rituals & supplements

September 13, 2021


Morning Wellness Rituals & Supplements

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my Instagram stories on the reg then you’ve definitely seen my little morning wellness rituals & supplements! I live for my mornings, and love my morning wellness rituals & supplements, and while some things have intuitively changed within my morning rituals over the years, one thing always remains the same: my intention behind what I choose to incorporate – which is to simply to FEEL GOOD and support my overall health and wellbeing!

Everybody’s body is different and requires different things to feel good, so this is in no way a post to tell you what you should be doing within your morning wellness rituals & supplements, in fact I feel like this goes without saying but I am not a doctor and you should ALWAYS do your own research when it comes to wheat you put in and on your body! I do however, get a lot of DM’s in reply to my Instagram stories with questions around what I take and why so I thought I’d take the time today to dive in to my morning wellness rituals & supplements and give you the rundown!


I eat one clove of fermented garlic every morning (I get it at my local farmers market!) Garlic contains antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties. I’ve been doing this for years! I initially started this daily practice to help heal my acne (which I share about here) and have stuck with it long after healing my skin. I mainly take garlic as it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties help me ward off bad bacteria in the body, but garlic is also known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, has anti-inflammatory effects and helps the body build a stronger immune system! Also, a lot of you ask me if I smell garlicky since I eat raw garlic and to be honest I do notice it a little if I eat the garlic right before I go work out and sweat a lot but other than that no! Although, I do live alone so maybe I do smell and just don’t know it 😂


I love getting fresh wellness shots out but that doesn’t always happen so I usually just stock up on the “No Joke Ginger” wellness shots from Trader Joes (they are organic and $1.99) which contain lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper. Lemon is great source of Vitamin C which stimulates white blood cell production (vital for your immune system to function properly) As an antioxidant, Vitamin C also protects cells from oxidative damage and boosts your immune system to help keep you healthy. Fresh Ginger has been praised by Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to boost the immune system for many many years. Ayurveda believes that because ginger is so effective at warming the body, it can help break down the accumulation of toxins in your body. Ginger is  also known to cleanse the lymphatic system, which is basically our body’s sewage system. By opening up these lymphatic channels and keeping things clean, ginger prevents the accumulation of the toxins that make you susceptible to infections. Ginger is also great for settling upset stomachs, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.


I’ve shared about Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C many times on the various platforms I create for (like this Cold Remedies blog post + My 2020 Supplement Routine blog post + a Full day of Eating For Immune Support Youtube Video!) I take a packet of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C every single morning without fail. It’s my go to vitamin C supplement and here why: most of the common forms of oral Vitamin C tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and even Vitamin C from your diet can be difficult for your body to process which in turn effects the efficiency of how it’s absorbed by the body. As a result, much of this Vitamin C is never actually transferred into your bloodstream and even less of it makes it into your cells.. which means your not able to absorb enough of it to actually benefit from it! But, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C contains liposomes made from Essential Phospholipids to maximize absorption. Phospholipids are primary building blocks of the cellular membrane: the thin, protective wall around each cell in your body. The phospholipid wall functions as a skin for each cell, keeping things in or out. While your body can make some phospholipid compounds on its own, others must be supplied by your diet. These are called essential phospholipids. Lypo Spheric Vitamin C gives you 1,000 milligrams of Vitamin C AND 1,000 milligrams of Essential Phospholipids in each packet, including Phosphatidylcholine, an important phospholipid required for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, and nervous system.


My chlorophyll concoction consists of alkaline water, liquid chlorophyll drops and a packet of Liquid IV (the lemon lime flavor to be specific). Water first thing in the morning is vital. Drinking lots of fluids will help keep your body hydrated, which will help it function properly and it will help flush out your system. Alkaline water in particular is great because it helps balance the body’s pH levels: our ideal pH is slightly alkaline (I learned a long time ago that an alkaline body is a healthy body) essentially when the body is highly acidic it becomes a breeding ground for disease. Speaking of alkaline: chlorophyll helps alkalize the body and helps balance the body’s pH levels while supporting the body’s natural detoxification processes. I also read that chlorophyll promotes the production of red blood cells, supports liver detoxification, acts as an internal deodorant, and helps to reduce the production of gas and toxins that occur during digestion .. among so many other benefits! As far as where the LiquidIV aspect of this concoction comes in: I used to only have a packet of Liquid IV if it was a super hot day or if I was taking part in strenuous activities or outdoors for a long period of time but when I started taking liquid chlorophyll everyday even though the chlorophyll drops I take are virtually tasteless I felt like I could still taste it (I am known in my family as a “super taster” 😅😂) so to solve that problem and amp up my daily hydration I began adding a packet of Liquid IV to my chlorophyll water and now I don’t go a day without it!


I used to drink ACV every morning but when I discovered it comes in gummy form I quickly changed my ways because who doesn’t love an adult gummy?! The vegan and gluten-free ACV gummies I take are soooo yummy (I take 1-2 x day) and they are formulated with vitamin B9 and B12 which help to support immune health! I take these for, as mentioned immune health, but also for cellular energy production, metabolism support, and support for my overall health and wellbeing.


I eat coconut probiotic yogurt every morning because…..PROBIOTICS! Need I say more?! I like to have a spoonful (or a few!) of the coconut cult coco-yo as it tastes yummy and contains over 25 billion probiotics per serving. I also really like Bio-k, which I’ve shared about before and often switch between the two!

In addition to the above I drink A TON of water and love my morning coffee or matcha, which is less for my physical health and more for my mental health 😉 I used to be soooo diligent with a fresh green juice or celery juice every morning but I have fallen out of practice with that; I do try Mohave one as often as possible and would love to get back Ito a routine with that! I am usually not super hungry in the mornings (I never have been a big breakfast person) but when I do I usually go for a morning green smoothie or my 3 ingredient vegan banana muffins.. but at the very least, I try to incorporate fresh fresh fruit like berries, mango, a banana or my fav immune boosting and gut health supporting combo of papaya and kiwi. Papaya has raw enzymes and is rich in antioxidants like carotenes, flavonoids, and vitamin C as well as some B vitamins (folate and pantothenic acid). Papaya is also a good source of fiber and minerals such as magnesium, and I notice a different inn my digestion when I eat it regularly! I love love love SunGold Kiwis and consume them often when they are in season! A serving of Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit (2 kiwifruit) has 3x more vitamin C than an orange!!!

As I said earlier, my wellness routine changes intuitively but that is what I have been doing as of late! If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment on this post, or for a faster reply leave me a comment on this post on my instagram!

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