a 12 week yoga inspired self-discovery program

Discover your purpose,
find your bliss
and create a life you love living.

The Yoga Inspired Life was created to ...

help you discover your purpose, break toxic cycles, shed negative thought patterns and behaviors, create a sustainable daily yoga inspired routine that keeps you centered and in alignment with your truest desires, and

ultimately create a life you're obsessed with living!

Cultivate self-confidence, motivation and passion as you explore yoga, meditation, pranayama and manifestation!

Learn tools to help you overhaul your anxiety and crippling fear and get clear about what you really want in life so you can actively let go of everything that doesn’t support that! 

Flow through 12 weeks of soul-deep healing work

along side a supportive community on the same path and ME, your virtual BFF that’s been there done that! 

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Get clear about what you really want in life and actively let go of everything that doesn’t support that

Connect with your true self

Cultivate courage and step into your power

Audit your current situation and eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve

Discover your purpose

Learn how to manifest

Eliminate lack mindset and learn to think ABUNDANTLY 

Utilize creative visualization to make your dreams a reality

Overhaul your anxiety and crippling fear

Cultivate strength and clarity through stillness

Drop the judgement

Give fear the middle finger

Learn how to meditate

Basic understating and practical use of pranayama techniques

Learn all of the basic Sanskrit terms every yogi should know

Learn to set intentions that help support your overall wellbeing

Learn about various styles of yoga asana

Explore the 8 Limbs of Yoga

Build and strengthen your yoga practice 

Explore yoga as a way to strengthen your relationship with yourself and ultimately enhance every aspect of your life

Identify any and all limiting beliefs you may have and then kick them to the curb for good

Learn how to tap into and strengthen your intuition

Create a sustainable yoga inspired daily routine to help you stay in your flow state

Get pep talks on overcoming fear and limiting beliefs so you are unstoppable

Set actionable goals that are in alignment with your purpose

the experience

I cannot believe the changes that have taken place since starting TYIL.

Every time I spend time working through the program, changes take place and more good news arrives. My Husband and I have been trying to buy a home since mid-2019. We’ve been turned down so many time, have been outbid so many times, and we were starting to become very, very discouraged and stressed. After deciding to put the purchasing process on hold, I sat down to watch more of your modules and work on more worksheets. Long story short, a little gem of a home was brought to our attention. We saw it one day, put an offer on it the next, and found out that our offer was accepted the next day. The inspection came back near perfect yesterday. I can’t believe that we’re going to have a home in 30 days. Between your program and manifesting, BIG things are taking place. I really appreciate you and what you’ve created. The whole world could use TYIL right now. Had to share with you. Cannot wait to start Module 2!!

// AMY L.

The Yoga Inspired Life program is really the epitome of the title. After the 12-weeks, I feel more inspired by my yogic lifestyle than ever. 

This program was a wonderful refresh and check in for my personal development journey; taking my rituals + yogic knowledge even deeper. This is also a fantastic opportunity for someone who's just begun this journey, or maybe even enrolled in YTT. I'm so grateful for the other participants that took the course with me. We were able to create real connections in the live group calls because we realized we all have similar struggles and blockages, from anywhere in the world, at any age, and stage of life. Shayla's wisdom and foundational tools can help you release the blockages that we may set for ourselves, out of fear, old programing or worrying about what others may think. If you're feeling the call to join, go for it. Looking forward, I'm excited to continue to apply these rituals and practices to my everyday life and frequently refer back to the modules for continued education while on the yogic path.


Dear Shayla your program is absolutely amazing! I already finished with the first module last Sunday because I got so into it I couldn't even stop.

Already since the first day I started I could feel and see the shifts I was looking for happening and I am so grateful for that. I am so excited for the next module as this is just the beginning and already now I know that this is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Having the feeling of finally taking my own life in my own hands and starting to create the path which is meant to be for me is just such an incredible feeling. I can't express in words how grateful I am for knowing you and for being part of your program. Finally I feel like I am connected to same thinking/feeling people who are on the same wave as I am and this happened for me rarely in life so far. So lucky that I got to know you. What you're doing and sharing out there Shayla is truly such a blessing. Can't wait for the next module to be released!


TYIL has changed things for me.

As someone who was in a bad place for a long time but who is now actively making changes that are literally transforming my life, I cannot speak more highly of the program. And Shayla, she is an absolute angel. Her energy is infectious and her support is honestly holding me up as I work through this course. If TYIL is speaking to you on any level, that’s the Universe calling and She wants this for you. If you’re on the fence and you need a sign to join the program, this is it. It’s your time. I’m so excited for you to start your journey of creating your happiest life.


The Yoga Inspired Life is life changing. I enjoyed learning breath, meditation, movement, manifestation, and other tools to create a life of joy.

I love connecting with the TYIL girls online and in person from NY to LA! Each individual who goes through TYIL is a gem, a tribe, and we will forever be connected. I don’t think I realized all the benefits of the TYIL until a few months later when I finally got out of the toxic relationship I was in. Despite the heartbreak, it was a blessing in disguise, and TYIL gave me the strength to stay grounded and realize this was an opportunity to pursue my own dreams. Through my healing, and now time to focus on myself, I signed up for the nutrition health coach certification that has been on my bucket list and have started to apply to my dream jobs because if not now, then when! TYIL will continue to have a positive, ripple effect in my life. I look forward to seeing where this crazy journey of life takes me! Thank you Shayla and the TYIL for your continual inspiration and support!


TYIL has given me great context and application to ideas that I , personally, had heard about but didn’t know how to execute. 

As well as opened my eyes to so many more ways of bettering myself. I find myself waking up and wanting to dive into the magic of TYIL, rather than wake up and watch TV or slip back into habits that weren’t benefiting me. Shayla’s methods have met me with guidance, compassion, empathy, and some necessary realness. It’s takes a special approach to wake you up, shake you, and tell you that you have the power to create a life you love living. But she has managed to create a way to do it so beautifully…even through the difficult and confronting times I have faced in it. This experience and knowledge is so worth every cent and second spent. TYIL is an investment for the rest (and best) of your life!

// TIANA d,

First things first, Shayla, you’re such a bright light and your energy always brings me so much motivation! YOU are a vibe girl. Thank you for taking me and others on a journey with the #TYIL program.

This program came at such a perfect time in my life. I was in a job I was so unhappy in, and it showed. I was ready to leave, and was smack in the middle of transitioning out when I found this program. I was feeling all sorts of things with the new life change including some fear of course. Within the first week of this program I knew I was meant to be there! It grounded me, it slowed my mind down and helped me think about my purpose and get through some of the fear. My FAVE part of this program are the group calls! I loved those because it was a time to connect with everyone including you, get/give advice, and simply just feel the wonderful feeling of knowing that we’re not alone in our journeys. Thank you again girl!

// Gissell M.

The 12 week program was truly transformational but maybe not in the big obvious way I was expecting.

It was all in the small things, the daily routines, the shift in mindset, the letting go - each lesson built on the next and allowed for space to take on something new. It's all about finding a way to forgive yourself and others, to be more compassionate, to know that it takes dedication to daily practices to enact change, to spend time in quiet moments of meditation. The worksheets and videos provide guidance and I loved that you could take the modules at your own pace. And even though you're going through it individually, you automatically have a community of other TYIL babes that are experiencing the same types of emotions. A group that knows exactly what you're going through and can help provide the support and encouragement needed - and these babes are there for life...the bond was truly amazing even though most of us never met in person. I found the daily routine checklist and planner to be most useful and continue to use these even though the program is over. Shayla provides the tools you need to live an inspired life, to break from the preconceived notions about what you can do...but the truth is that it's hard work and continues to be a daily practice of routine, forgiveness and self love. You don't need to be at a crossroads to find benefit in the program, in fact most of the areas in my life were going well when I started - but I knew I could be living more authentically and create better balance in my life. TYIL is about the journey and that journey continues beyond the program.


I’ve struggled with finding the words to adequately describe the impact that The Yoga Inspired Life has had on me, but I need to try so that hopefully it’ll inspire you to do this program too.

I have followed Shayla for a few years. Her journey has always been one that inspires and motivates me to do and be better. However, I always struggled with having the tools to make the changes I wanted. When Shayla posted about TYIL for the first time, I was so excited! I really wanted to sign up but I second guessed myself thinking I wouldn’t be like the other women in the group. After all, I was 28, a stay at home mom and wife, and had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I suffered from zero self esteem and wasn’t a yogi in any sense from my appearance to my practice. Even with all of that doubt though, TYIL still called to me. My husband told me to take the plunge and do it because he wanted me to feel good about myself again. I was living the life I had only dreamed of and feeling good again. Day 1 of the program and I was floored. How could a few videos and insights change my life so quickly?! I continued with the program and the more I got into it the more I felt like a different person. I had a group of like minded women that I could turn to for advice and share my story with. I had worksheets to guide me along and assignments on things to do or think about. My favorite part of it all was the team calls we did. Speaking and seeing all of these women from all over the world come together to better themselves was so beautiful. Flash forward 12 weeks and we were doing our last team call. I was in tears but they were tears of happiness and relief. For the first time in as long as I could remember, I felt like myself. I was a happier and more energetic person for my family, friends, and myself. My life had purpose again and I knew who I was and where I wanted to go. It was like this light had turned on and my struggle in the darkness was finally over. The Yoga Inspired Life isn’t just any program. It is one that will truly change your life for the better if you are willing to put in the work. Shayla is a beautiful soul and you can feel her whole heart is in this. She truly wants to help people be the best versions of themselves. Between the worksheets, the videos, lessons, and team calls- this program will give you all the tools you need to live the life you want. I’m so happy I did TYIL and I’ll forever be grateful to Shayla and TYIL for changing my life and helping me be the person and live the life I always wanted.


The Yoga Inspired Life was the best thing I've ever done. When I was very bad in my life situation, I asked for a sign and suddenly TYIL came and I had a good feeling from the first second.

It was and is exactly what I was looking for. All the videos are made with so much love and with so much information. From the beginning you get the feeling that Shayla knows exactly what she is saying. Everything fits together perfectly and is super structured. The private Facebook group also helped me a lot to get to know new people and I was finally able to make contact with like-minded people. I learned a lot about myself through TYIL, figuratively went through many situations in my life and could finally find out what I really want in life, what I love and what I want to make my job. I am still working on some things, but the good thing is that I can always go back to the topics and continue to work on them. I love this course and would do it again and again... simply great!


The yoga inspired life shifted my perspective. Over the course of the program I’ve grown and I’m so grateful.

When you're running from one thing to the next, you don’t give yourself the time and energy to focus on yourself and what is important to you. Giving myself that time led me to be more thoughtful and motivated me to reach for my highest goals. I continue to use the tools from a TYIL daily to keep me grounded and support me. Shayla is an incredible human being and an inspiring leader. Joining her live coaching calls and getting to know everyone doing TYIL together was a learning moment to hear everyone’s thoughts and emotions. All of the things I wanted to get out of the program - improving my worth in my career, being more self aware in relationships, and prioritizing my health I received and so much more including connections! My personal favorite modules were module 1 cleanse to reconnect and module 4 manifest. I loved the video style of the entire program. The program delivered a serious amount of valuable content in videos, that were the perfect length to listen to when you only have a little bit of time or to combine and listen to a half or full module if you have time. Thank you Shayla for including me in this program.


What/who works for me and what/who doesn’t. It allowed me to put ME first. It forced me to turn inward and do the inner work. Each module is unique and allowed me to learn something new about myself, while still building on the previous module(s). Lastly, this program gave me a community. I now have incredibly strong women I truly feel that I can reach out to or meet up with if I’m in a different state. Even after the program, I still find myself putting things I learned to practice and filling my own cup up!


Through TYIL, I found myself. 

The Yoga Inspired Life was an amazing program that offered really positive and clear methods of creating the life I wanted. 

The course content, teachable platform, worksheets and videos were perfect, they were really informative and looked great too which helped me as a visual learner! The program helped me to finally realise that it's not selfish to focus on myself and that it was 100% what I needed. With the program I got to meet a group of lovely ladies including Shayla that impowered you and helped build confidence along the way. The program has started me on a path in life that is truly right for me and I am so grateful for being capable to do it.


The yoga inspired life is easily one of the best things I’ve invested my time, energy, and money into! 

Module one opens you up and gives you the tools to clear your headspace, the remaining modules helps you dive deep into maintaining that headspace in such a healthy productive way. Not only do you get the tools to help you in such an impactful way mentally but you learn so much about yoga, manifesting, and the how’s and why’s it all works. Additionally, Shayla is amazing. She’s been through a lot and has created this program through real life experience. The community that has been built here is also amazing. So much love, so much growth, so much support.


I still can’t put into words how this TYIL program has helped me so so much. 

So here it goes... I still have a long process to go but I’m happy I got to actually go through a program and complete it! I sometimes go back to review and once I start seeing myself go back to my old habits I read & relearn and try new techniques from the program which end up being in my routine! I love everyone who was in my group. So loving and I’m glad we still keep in touch even after we finished the program. I have cried, smiled, and lastly felt better about myself. I felt lost and now I feel like I have found myself and continue to work for myself. Every month I do my best to do a checklist and ask myself how I’m doing! I can’t wait for more girls to join this program it’s very life changing and so worth it!



12 Weeks

The program flows over 12 weeks to give you time to deeply absorb, truly connect and actually implement all of the goodness this program has to offer. #TYIL is a self-study style program, so you have the freedom to show up for the work this program calls for as it feels right to you!

6 Modules

Filled with actionable steps to help you discover purpose, build your bliss and create a life that you absolutely love living.

60+ Videos

Over 60 videos drip release throughout the 12 weeks to guide you, fill you with knowledge and keep you inspired! 

Filled with actionable steps to help you discover purpose, build your bliss and create a life that you absolutely love living.

60+ Videos

Over 60 videos drip release throughout the 12 weeks to guide you, fill you with knowledge and keep you inspired! 

75+ Worksheets

Over 75 beautifully designed interactive worksheet exercises, mini-guides and #TYIL checklists to help you take action! These worksheets have the look and feel of a beautiful e-book that you can download and save or print out!

3 Live Group Coaching Calls

Connect face to face via web chat with Shayla + the rest of the program participants for 3 powerful group coaching calls throughout the program where you can ask any questions, gain inspiration, share your experiences and connect on a deep level.

6 Exclusive Yoga Flows

6 exclusive yoga flows will be shared in conjunction with each module released!


Access to the private #TYIL Facebook group + Instagram group where you can find accountability, connect with fellow babes on the path, ask questions and get support along this transformative journey.


6 Exclusive Guided Meditations

6 powerful guided meditations will be shared in conjunction with each module released!

Every 2 weeks a new module is released access the module content from anywhere around the world on your phone or desktop computer + take it at your own pace.




If you’re struggling with any of these then TYIL is for you!

If you’re seeking any of these then TYIL is for you!