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February 22, 2022


Self-Reflection Journal Prompts

A big part of self-care for me is to keep my energy, heart, soul and mind happy, and one of my favorite ways to do that is though a journaling practice. I’ve kept a journal for as long as I can remember, it’s something I’ve always found therapeutic and cathartic, even when I was 9 writing my little heart out about my schoolmates, struggles and dreams. I love to journal on a daily basis, as I find it more effective that way to help me relieve stress, get inspired and gain more mental clarity, but either way you choose to journal, there is just something undeniably powerful about putting pen to paper and getting your thoughts, worries, milestones and or dreams all out on paper. 

Writing and using a journal has always come second nature to me, but I know that’s not always the case for everyone which is why I thought it would be useful to share some self-reflection journal prompts to help get you going! Before we dive in if you’re just getting started with journaling I have a podcast episode all about journaling where I share tons of ideas and ways to journal, as well as some tips and tricks that will take your journaling practice to the next level, click here to listen to The Yoga Inspired Life Podcast Episode 83: Journaling 101!

There are so many different ways to journal, many of which I share in Ep. 83:Journaling 101, but as of late, my favorite ways are to use it within my manifestation practice, like I share in this post: Manifesting Methods as well as using my daily oracle card pull as a prompt! And while I tend to free write and go with the flow when I’m journaling, if I’m lacking direction or inspiration leaning on journaling prompts is a reliable way for me to get my creative juices flowing.

I feel like this is also a good time to share my favorite tools to journal with! The journal I’m currently using is super affordable and comes in tons of colors (I’m using the all white one right now!) I also LOVE these white gel pens to write with, they are so smooth when writing and allow me to move throughly journal practice seamlessly! I also love using these colored gel pens to add titles, emphasis on words/sentences and just overall colorful, fun, happy vibes to my journal! Speaking of colorful, fun, happy vibes: these stickers are also super fun to add some pizzazz to this practice✨ Okay, now that you’ve got everything you need (and then some 😉) to get started let’s dive into the journal prompts!


  1. What are you grateful for today?
  2. What are 3 things that you love about yourself?
  3. What is the hardest thing you’ve experienced? What did you learn from it?
  4. Describe your highest Self
  5. Describe a day in your dream life
  6. What makes you feel your best?
  7. What activities or things help you feel taken care of?
  8. What are your strengths?
  9. Describe yourself in 5 words
  10. How are you dimming your light to fit in?
  11. What is something you can forgive yourself for?
  12. What is something you’ve been holding on to that is no longer serving you?
  13. What makes you feel powerful?
  14. What are some things you need to say no to ore often?
  15. In what ways can you advocate for yourself?
  16. If you knew you’d be supported, what would you do?
  17. In what ways can you perform small acts of service to bring joy to others?
  18. What do you judge yourself for? In what ways can you let go of that judgment?
  19. What are the 5 things that your past self would love about your current self?
  20. What makes you unique? How can you highlight your uniqueness more in your life?
  21. Who do you admire? What qualities do you share with this person?
  22. What do you want to bring more of into your life?
  23. What activities or things make you feel relaxed?
  24. What do you want to let go of in your life?
  25. What are 5 things you can do today to bring yourself more joy and support?
  26. What lights you up?
  27. How can you mother yourself?
  28. What inspires you?
  29. What is not aligned or needs to change?
  30. What does being brave mean to you?
  31. Name 5 wins, big or small, from the past 30 days
  32. What is your soul calling you to do?
  33. What activities or things shift your energy into a high vibrational state?
  34. Where do you need to establish better boundaries?
  35. What are you clinging to that you’ve outgrown?
  36. Who or what is triggering you? In what ways can you work towards healing this trigger?
  37. What activities or things make you feel calm?
  38. What inspires you?

I hope these journal prompts help guide you to dive deeper, gain clarity, get inspired and connect with yourself. I’d love to hear your favorite prompt or if you’re keen to share, any ah ha moments you experienced when using these prompts! PS: I’ll be adding to this list periodically so save this post and come back to it! I also share self-reflection + self-discovery ideas and inspo quite often on my YouTube channel and Instagram, so I’d love to connect over there as well! Sending you love and all of the good vibes today and always ✨

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