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July 17, 2021


Manifesting Methods

Manifestation is one of my favorite things to chat about because I’ve experienced its magic first hand. My manifestation practice has played a HUGE roll in helping me create the life of my dreams (side note: if you’re ready to create your own dream life then you need to check out my 12 week yoga inspired self-discovery program, The Yoga Inspired Life! There is an entire module dedicated to manifesting + so much transformational goodness!!! The next cycle begins on July 26th, 2021. There’s a limited amount of spaces available so if you’re feeling called to up-level send me an email so you can snag a spot!) There are many manifesting methods but before we get to those let’s start with the basics. To manifest something is to bring forth an internal desire into your physical reality by using your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, along with aligned and inspired ACTION! I like to think of manifestation as a VERB! It’s an action! While there are some layers of manifestation that require a more passive energy like the art of surrendering, manifestation in general is not passive, it’s active.

As I mentioned, there are many different manifesting methods but whether you’re using a particular manifesting method or not, and whether you realize it or not, you are already manifesting on a daily basis! You are constantly manifesting your own life experience all of the time. I know that can be a hard pill to swallow if your current experience is messy or misaligned, but in order to affirm to yourself that you really do hold the power to manifest your dream life (which you do!) you have to also take responsibility for your current reality, regardless of how chaotic, messy or misaligned it is.

Manifestation gives us the power to call in our profound wants, needs, and desires in a world where we often feel powerless to our circumstances. This practice has been around for centuries and has been used in so many different ways and used by so many powerful people in our world. Once you learn to tap into it, it’s a resource of endless abundance. An ever-flowing stream. I’ve been diving into the topic of manifestation on The Yoga Inspired Life Podcast a lot lately (episode #48 Manifestation 101: Manifesting Magic and episode #50 Let’s Talk Limiting Beliefs) as I have been diving deep into my own manifestation practice- today I woke up feeling mega inspired to share some of my go-to manifesting methods! How to do them and how they work, so you always have options in your manifestation toolbox!

Here are my top 6 favorite manifestation techniques to manifest your best, most exciting, fulfilled, peaceful, and abundant wants, desires, and needs:


If you follow me on Instagram or watch my vlogs on YouTube then you already know I am a big meditator. Literally, I could not do life without it. The possibilities of how to meditate are endless. This alone could be a blog post, so for simplicity’s sake, I will talk about the most basic form: sitting down, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath. 

You may be thinking this is too simple. How could this possibly be a form of manifestation? Well, babe, meditation lets us tap into our blocks, or what is holding us back in life, and release them. It allows us to dig into our subconscious and uncover our wants and dreams. It opens the door to finding our highest self. It energetically will enable you to achieve your goals. And most importantly, meditation allows you to shift into a state of receiving which is VITAL for effectively manifesting your desires. 

Shall I say more? Meditating is a powerful portal to manifestation. Simply the act of meditating by 3 minutes a day will allow you to create the mental space needed to step into your power and meditate your wants, needs, and desires. If you want to learn more about meditation check out episode #32 Meditation 101 on The Yoga Inspired Life Podcast as well as this blog post!

Creative Visualization

Creative visualization goes hand and hand with meditation. When we visualize our wants, needs, and desires, we can call them in and embody the energy we wish to attract. Often what we perceive as reality is what we see visually in the world around us, but when we desire to create a higher level reality that is more expansive than our current reality creatively visualizing what we want to manifest is critical to help us feel into it and own it.  

I have an entire podcast episode about creative visualization on The Yoga Inspired Life Podcast, episode #10: Visualize Your Highest Self & Start Showing Up As Her✨ as well as a free guided visualization meditation that you can do to help you begin to practice creative visualization! You can also do this solo during your meditation practice by visualizing your future self, future life, and all the desires you are currently manifesting and allow yourself to create a movie in your mind. Allow yourself to relish in having all of your desires manifested and feel what that feels like to have them in your current reality.

Also, don’t overthink this one! Do you find yourself daydreaming off and visualizing your future? Or when you fell asleep getting vibrant visual images of the things you are excited about? Then you are ALREADY tapping into visualization as a form of manifestation! 

Vision Board

News flash… you don’t just have to create a vision board around New Years Day. You can tap into manifestation by creating vision boards whenever you want. How? Pinterest is the easiest way. Create boards for what you are manifesting and weekly add new pins to them. This will always keep you excited and create this future version of yourself.

Of course, you can create a traditional vision board too to call in this power! Find some magazines or photos you print from online and create your ultimate board. Get specific when you do this! Put numbers on here, like dates and dollar amounts, and use any symbols or signs that have a lot of emotional meaning to you. 

Emotion when it comes to creating a vision board should be your number one priority. When you look back at these, the emotion it pulls up is what will help you call your manifestation in. The more you feel, the more power your vision board will have! I love love love creating vision boards and actually created a YouTube video where I show you my vision boarding process step by step! You can vision board with me via my YouTube channel here!

Gratitude Journal 

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational feelings you can tap into, and high vibes are mandatory for manifesting your desires! If you align more words than visuals, a gratitude journal may be the practice for you. Emotion is equally as important in this practice too. I like to take time to journal our what I am grateful for in my current reality as well as expressing gratitude for the desires I wish to manifest as if they were already part of my current reality.

By calling up what you are grateful for in the present as well as the things you desire, you are sending a message to the Universe, God, Source, etc., that you are open to receiving and have trust and faith that all of your desires are on their way to you. This is a step that cannot be missed, babe! 

Decide a method of journaling that works in your schedule. You could journal when you first wake up or every night. With today’s technology, there is really no excuse not to have a journal practice because there are even apps for it! Start by simply answering the question I spelled out above every single day. This has more power than you know.

55 x 5 Method 

This is a journal practice, but a super-specific and laser-focused one to manifest your goals in 5 days! Here’s how you do it: for 5 days in a row, you write down what you are manifesting 55 times. Sounds like a lot, but this is actually a practice that allows your subconscious thought patterns to be rewired. 

This method is all about energy and the Law of Attraction. When we focus this much energy and intention towards our wants, needs, and desires, we begin to believe in them. This allows our energy waves to start to match the waves we need to call them in. 

A piece of advice to really have this journal method work for your manifestations is to focus on one single need, want, or desire at a time. So, for example, “I am attracting my ideal job” may be the sentence you chose, and you write this 55 times for 5 days! Try it. The power of this manifestation practice just may surprise you.  

2 Cup Method

This is a little bit of a “woo-woo” method, but it’s a fun one (hint: it includes water), so I had to add it to this list. To do it, you will take two cups, one empty and one filled with water. You will also need a piece of paper, tape, and a pen. With the pen, paper, and tape, label the cups. The first label will say where you are now; this will be the cup with water. The second, empty cups, the label will tell where you want to be. 

Now that you have the cups set up, really sit into the present of where you are and the emotions that pull up vs. where you really want to be… and the emotions that lie there. Pour the water into the empty cup. Drink the water. Let the feeling of that new reality penetrate every cell of your body. 

I warned you it’s “woo-woo.” Still, this technique is unique because it uses the power of intention setting in such a physical way. Spiritual leaders and healers all over the world have found success with it. In a lot of ways, it challenges us dimensionally. We shift as human beings when slight or significant changes occur, so this method helps us tap into that and create the shift ourselves.

There you have it, love! You now have 6 powerful manifesting methods to help you manifest your dreams, your highest self, the absolute most fulfilled version of you. Give them each a try and find what works for you because manifesting is a long game, not a short one. So keep at it, and I promise you will look back and be blown away at the power you now have over the life you desire live!

  1. Aashita Patel says:

    This is such a helpful article and a person who practices vegetarian life with meditation and manifestation myself, i love your blog, podcast and youtube videos so much, sometimes i binge watch them for hours. Wishing you more light and positivity. Thank you for sharing your light with us!

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