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January 30, 2019


Vegan Meal Prep | Meal Prepping with Rubbermaid

First off I want to say thank you to my friends over at Rubbermaid for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to finally meal prep, it’s been a total game changer! With that being said, PROJECT COMEBACK IS IN FULL SWING!!! Wooohoooo! If you follow me on Instagram then you have probably heard me talking about a new little wellness challenge I have created for myself called project comeback! Project comeback is a fun way for me to get back on track with a truly healthy lifestyle that includes an overhaul of my yoga practice, workout routine and most importantly… my nutrition. In my opinion a healthy lifestyle should not only make you look good, but more importantly make you FEEL good.. and after not feeling so great for quite some time I decided now was the perfect time to make a change, and take action.. and then the idea for project comeback was born! A big piece of my “healthy lifestyle” project comeback puzzle is NUTRITION, and while I know how to eat healthy I don’t always do it. So, instead of winging it when it comes to meals (like I usually do) I decided to meal prep for the very first time ever! And not just any meal prep, but VEGAN MEAL PREP!
Any meal prepping I have attempted in the past hasn’t really worked out for me as I didn’t have the right containers and didn’t take the necessary time to actually plan out my meals, but I got some new BPA-free meal prep specific containers from Rubbermaid and decided to give it 100% effort for a week, and to my surprise it was so easy and such a time saver!
I am happy to report that meal prep is SO simple with the Rubbermaid® TakeAlongs® Meal Prep Containers!! First of all the clear lids are great because you can easily see the meal inside without having to remove the lid, and they also click into place so you know they are sealed and safe from spillage. The containers themselves feature a built-in divider to keep food separated, allowing complete meals to be stored in individual containers. I was a little hesitant to buy more containers as I don’t have a lot of storage space in my apartment but to my surprise they store so well!! The bases and lids stack neatly for easy organization when in use and nest together when out-of-use. The Rubbermaid® TakeAlongs® Meal Prep Containers come in large packs at an affordable price making weekly meal prep easy. Also worth noting: they are on sale at Walmart right now until 2/10/2019!! Click here to grab a set of 10 containers for under $7!
meal prep containers
Like I said above, I am only one week in so I am SURE over the next few weeks I will come up with more recipes, but for now there 2 are my favorite to make for vegan meal prep! For me the thought of going from ZERO meal planning to all meals prepared ahead of time gave me a little anxiety lol, so to start I decided to prep my breakfasts and dinners and let lunch be more on the fly. I usually am always good at lunch and will make a big salad, but when it came to breakfast often times I would skip it (no bueno!) and then dinners usually ended up being heavier meals because they came so long after lunch and I felt starving), eaten quite late since I had to come home and cook. Now that I wake up to an already prepared breakfast I eat it, and it’s been great having my dinners already prepared so I can make sure I am eating well before 8 or 9pm!

For breakfasts I have been having my usual celery juice in the morning (click here for why I drink celery juice!) followed by overnight oats! I will be sharing my overnight oat recipe next week so make sure you are following me on Instagram so you don’t miss it!
vegan meal prep ideas
Vegan Meal Prep Dinner # 1: Steamed Broccoli + Kelp Noodles with Veggies + Vegan Thai Peanut Sauce
I made a big batch of this and was able to get 2 meals! It was great eaten cold or warm and by lightly steaming the broccoli it still tasted great! If you want me to post the recipe for this I’d be happy to! Just leave me a comment below 🙂
plant based meal prep
Vegan Meal Prep Dinner # 2: Pesto Spaghetti Squash with Airfried Garlic Chickpeas+ Turmeric Curry Cauliflower
I made a big batch of this as well and was able to get 2 meals too! It was great eaten cold or warm, and again, by not overcooking the cauliflower it still tasted great even when I got to eating the final meal nearly 4 days later!  If you want me to post the recipe for this as well I’d be happy to! Just leave me a comment below 🙂

That’s all for today my friends, if you want daily tips and inspo follow me on Instagram and don’t forget to grab your  Rubbermaid® TakeAlongs® Meal Prep Containers on sale at Walmart! They are on sale until 2/10/2019!! Click here to grab a set of 10 containers for under $7!

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