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self-love through self-care

February 20, 2021


Self-Love Through Self-Care

We all hear the words’ self-love and self-care all the time. They are super trendy, right? But what we often aren’t talking about is what self-love looks and feels like. How to cultivate more self-love through self-care, and why these practices are essential to add to your life. 

So today, we are going to talk about all the goodness. PLUS, I have made you a really gooey list of free self-care ideas, so you all have a jumping-off point to dive headfirst into self-love through self-care.

The 411 on Self-love

I wish we all lived in a world where self-love was easy, but that is not the world we live in. Unfortunately, we live in a world of comparison that makes us feel like we are never enough. This is why we all have to fight against that grain and strive for progress over perfection

Progress over perfection is a massive piece of self-love. This is because self-love for most of us is a long term commitment of an uphill journey. How it looks will change every single day, but there are three foundational pieces: acceptance, grace, and flexibility.

Acceptance is vital because, in self-love, it is so important to learn to be okay with where you are at today. Notice I used the word “okay” and not “obsessed” or “in love” with where you are today. That can come later, but first, you just have to be able to sit with it, look at it, accept it. Knowing in your core that where you are at today is enough… and who you will be tomorrow will be enough too. 

Grace and flexibility in self-love come hand-in-hand. Why? Because we are human beings and human beings are not static things. To love yourself, you must recognize that some days will be easier than others. You will be different from one day to the next. Life requires so much to fluctuate. Self-love is an act of ebbing and flowing, finding grace and flexibility, with it all.

By accepting yourself, giving yourself grace, and practicing flexibility with who you are, you are opening your mind and heart to what makes you, YOU. And this, my dear, is the answer to self-love. This is how self-love should look and feel. 

Because that perfect version of yourself you are striving for and working towards, maybe here one day. But it’s unrealistic to want her to be forever. Life is too short to waste our precious days in self-criticism. Start with being comfortable with who you are right here today and work on loving her more and more tomorrow. 

Self-care is a TOOL

Use it, baby girl. Beyond acceptance, grace, and flexibility to open yourself up for self-love, self-care is the most incredible way to practice self-love. Think about it like this: when we love someone else, we practice showing them we love them through their love-language to ensure they know it. Why don’t we do this with ourselves?

Well, I do! And now you are going to too. Start with learning your own unique love language. Write a list of all the things that make you feel lit up, bring you joy, and feel nourishing to you. This list can include something as simple as starting your day with a cup of your favorite tea or as extravagant as a spa day. You must have options that are accessible to you. Things that you can do on the regular and build into your routines! 

And then do it and do it often! Find at least one way a day you can show yourself love, through self-care. Because by definition, that is what self-care is. Again, for others, we are often selflessly doing and showing up for them. Begin selflessly doing and caring for yourself. Become your biggest supporter. Treat yourself like your own love of your life – because you should be bb! 

Before I tie this all together with a pretty bow, I wanted to make you all a list of free self-care ideas that are always accessible to you to get you started! Save this, share it with a friend, and USE IT when looking for a yummy free way to fill up your own cup. Remember, self-care will be as unique as you are. Just make sure it brings happiness to you. 

Free Self-care Ideas

  1. Meditate
  2. Read a book
  3. Take a bath
  4. Do a facemask 
  5. Practice yoga/workout
  6. Make a nutritious meal
  7. Rearrange your room 
  8. Go for a walk
  9. Call a friend
  10. Layout in the sun 
  11. Binge your favorite show 
  12. Turn off the alerts on your phone
  13. Take a sick day from work
  14. Journal 
  15. Take a shower
  16. Listen to your favorite playlist
  17. Color/Paint
  18. Ignore your to-do list
  19. Tackle your to-do list
  20. Have a sweet treat
  21. Garden
  22. Listen to music
  23. Take a hike
  24. Allow yourself to make a mess
  25. Dance 
  26. Gua Sha your face with a lush rose quartz gua sha (I got mine from Amazon, I linked it here for you!)

The Importance

Again, self-love and self-care are trendy, but there is a good reason for that. It is because the value of adding these into your world is high. I am tempted to say, there is actually nothing more important in building your most fulfilled life. Without self-love, self-criticism seeps in, and that subtracts from your life. Without self-care, self-love quickly gets away from us. This is why they are so darn important! 

They are the foundation of you feeling good enough in your own skin to show up every day. To show up for all the things that feel hard and challenging, and without them, maybe you would feel like you could not do. Self-care and self-love are like our own little reserve tanks. They make showing up in the world not just a possibility but a pleasure. And what a pleasure life is when we can only be PRESENT for it. 

My dear, self-care, and self-love will bring you here. So take the list I have provided, make your own, and start putting in the practice of self-care today to take tiny baby steps to self-love. If what you find is self-acceptance, grace, and flexibility… you are on the right path! Keep showing up, keep doing the “work” of self-care, and I promise you the self-love will follow. 
You are 110% worth it.

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