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full moon bath ritual

June 21, 2021


Full Moon Bath Ritual

Let’s get a little witchy and talk about the moon, babes! Specifically, full moons! I say witchy because I feel like anything moon ritual related is often deemed as woo woo 🔮 but the fact of the matter is this: the powerful effects of the moon are rooted in science. The moon affects the gravitational pull here on earth, we see it in the way it affects the tides of the ocean and it most certainly has a powerful effect on us as well. I love love love the idea of working with the natural rhythms of nature, and tapping into the powerful full moon energy is definitely high up on my list. My most recent obsession is a full moon bath ritual, I’ve been doing it the past few months and feel super inspired to share it with you! So today, let’s chat a little about full moons, the practices to do around them, and all the details of a Full Moon Bath Ritual to absorb all the potent magic they encompass. 

Full moons come around once a month, signifying the beginning of the lunar cycle. For all of humankind, we as a species have functioned around this natural cycle. And for all this time, humans have tapped into full moons specifically for their grounding energy. 

Full moons signify a culmination and fruition. They allow us to look back on the previous month and decide what worked and what we will be taking with us into the lunar new cycle and what we choose to leave behind and let go. This is our most natural time to say goodbye to what we need to release. 

Here are some practices you can do to harness the full moon energy and release what is no longer serving you: 

  • Meditate: Practice the art of meditation. Allow yourself to quiet your mind enough to feel that wave of calmness and peace in the right here and right now. Know that whatever is meant for you will never pass you by. And whatever is not, well, it will.
  • Journal: You know I love a good journal session, babe! While the full moon is a wonderful time to let go I like to focus more of my journaling on what I want to call in! Write your future into existence. Don’t focus too much on what you are letting go of. Instead, focus on what you are creating space for. What are your hopes for the next lunar cycle? Your dreams? What are you calling in?
  • Manifest: Well, luckily for you, the two above practices help you do precisely that but remember the power of our minds and energy here. They are already insanely powerful at calling in our needs, wants, and desires. Now using this power alongside a Full Moon and your manifestation power becomes even more ignited. 
  • Yoga: I love to roll out my mat, put a chill playlist on and flow with my breath intuitively. If you’re looking for some guidance your mat I have tons of free yoga flows on my YouTube channel, and if you’re keen to gear your full moon bath ritual towards manifesting I have a yoga flow that I created specifically for manifesting that you can flow to: Manifest & Flow 💫

If you’re looking to take your full moon ritual a little deeper… A Full Moon Bath Ritual is the answer you need. Here is how to set one up to embrace and call in all that full moon energy: 

  1. Clean your bathtub and make sure your bathroom is tidy. Don’t skip this step! Remember your space is a reflection of what is going on inside of you internally. To ensure you are letting go of what is not serving you, make sure that includes clutter and grime as well, babe! 
  2. Collect your favorite mystic bath items. Think your crystals, your favorite drink, maybe some sage or palo santo… and don’t forget the oils, herbs, and fresh flowers! You want this bath to feel juicy in the self-care department. Bring all the tools! I like to choose crystals that relate to what I am wanting to call in (PS: I share some of my favorite crystals for manifesting in a recent YouTube video on my channel: Crystals For Manifesting), and just gather up all of the things that are beautiful and grounding.
  3. Set the mood! Dim the lights, light a candle… maybe even turn on some healing music. In this step, you should be trying to emulate your favorite spa. I want you fully zen’d out. 
  4. Give yourself plenty of time. Look at this beautiful setup you just did to embrace this Full Moon Energy… this is not intended to be a ten-minute bath, BB. Soak it up. Get in that bath and spend some substantial time there. If you sweat, GREAT — let it all out. Detox. Clarify. Create some space for the new. 
  5. Get intentional. In this bath, do some clarifying practices: a detox facial, a good body scrub, and maybe even a hair mask. Mindset wise: embody your vision of what you are letting go of and what you are calling in. Think of this Full Moon Bath Ritual as the vehicle that is going to get you there.
  6. Relax, enjoy, and LET GO. Finally, after all this hard work, let this ritual and the power of the Full Moon work for you! It really is magical and a little witchy, babe, so don’t overthink it. I promise the lunar cycle has your back here, boo! 

So there you have it. Your perfectly laid out Full Moon Ritual to get a little witchy and embrace all the juicy energy the Full Moon has to offer. You know the beauty of this? You have 12 chances per year to embrace this. To find your perfect Full Moon practices and rituals and capture it. Remember, humans have been doing this for centuries. The magic must be true!

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