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vegan tomato basil soup

December 5, 2017


Vegan Tomato Basil Soup

This has got to be the EASIEST vegan tomato basil soup recipe EVER! I have made it a few times in the last month because it is so so good and simple. It has only 4 main ingredients and takes 10 minutes or less to make! This soup not only tastes amazing but it also has some great nutritional benefits: Based on a serving size of 1 cup: 75 calories – 1g Fat – 25g Carbs – 4g Sugar – 4g Protein – 38% Vitamin A – 58% Vitamin C – 1% Iron !

Ingredients for vegan tomato basil soup

12 Roma tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic

1/4 onion

2-4 fresh basil leaves

avocado oil

himalayan pink salt

black pepper

tomato basil soup recipe

Cooking instructions:

  1. Prep your veggies! I didn’t crush the garlic or worry too much about chopping the veggies as everything is going to be thrown into a blender! To prep: peel 2 cloves of garlic, chop onion into big chunks and 4th your Roma tomatoes!
  2. Warm up 1 tablespoon (or so) of avocado oil in a saucepan on medium heat
  3. Add the 2 cloves of garlic and chopped onion into the saucepan; stir as it begins to brown
  4. Once the garlic and onion has begun to brown place your chopped tomatoes  into the saucepan
  5. Season with salt and pepper
  6. Allow the ingredients to cook covered with a lid, turning every so often to make sure nothing sticks to the pan
  7. Once your tomatoes have softened turn the heat off and put 2 fresh basil leaves into the saucepan and cover for a few minutes
  8. Put everything into a blender and blend! You can also add a cup of water if you want a thinner consistency- I have tried it both ways and I prefer no water but it’s totally up to you! Try both ways to see which one you prefer 🙂


Simple vegan soup

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