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December 6, 2018



Hi bb’s! It’s here it’s here my London Vegan list!!! YAY! Sharing a list of my favorite places to eat in London, as a plant-based eater! Believe it or not I had some of the BEST vegan food while in London! I was surprised by how many vegan restaurants there were, as well as how many non-vegan restaurants ended up having¬†great plant-based options! If you know me then you know I am very food driven lol, so I feel like I have a pretty solid list but with that being said I know for a fact that I only got to make it to a fraction of eateries available between my most recent 2 trips across the pond! Soooo… if you have any to add to the list that I didn’t mention, leave them in a comment below and I will try and make it there next time I am in London! ūüôā Otherwise ENJOY! And if you happen to make it to one of the places I list below post a photo on insta and tag me @shaylaquinn ! I wanna know what you think! xo



palm vaults london

Palm Vaults¬†is the cutest¬†little vegan friendly cafe and it is easily my favorite spot I discovered, not just for the food (which was fab!) but because the interior is covered in pink and plants; my 2 favorite things! I had THE BEST avocado toast at Palm Vaults, plus a delicious “Magical Mushroom Coffee” (you know I love my mushroom coffee) and for dessert I had the vegan banana bread with coconut yogurt and berries- everything was so INSANELY good!

mildreds london

Mildred’s¬†was so good I went twice.¬†¬†I went to the one in SOHO but they have 3 other locations as well!! I had the Sri Lankan Curry Bowl which was so so good, and I also got a side of broccolini, which was equally as good. The second time I ordered take out and got the curry bowl again because.. well it was that good.. and I also got their veggie dumplings which were delish as well!

vegan burger london

The Big V is located inside Borough Market (which is a vibe in itself!) and they literally made me the best vegan burger I’ve ever had. The burger was as big as my head but I still ate the entire thing.. and if I am going to be honest: I was ready for another one as soon as it was done because it was so so good. They had a lot of different options but by the time I got there they had run out of the more fancy burgers so I got the classic one but I did not care one bit because even the classic burger was INSANELY GOOD! You must try!!!!

by chloe london

By Chloe. is always a safe bet when it comes to quick delicious vegan food. We have one here in LA and I have always gotten great food when I have eaten there, so I knew that I would be happy going to the one in London! I absolutely LOVE their fries and beet ketchup, and the burger I had was so good too!


F O L K Cafe is literally my favorite little cafe in Suffolk. The interior is to die for (ummmm I need this pink couch right?!) it’s super cozy and comfortable, GREAT coffee, great service… all around good vibes. Parking is easy and they have free wi-fi which was perfect for me so I could work on my laptop! As far as food goes they had a variety of vegan snacks, soups and toasts! I could spend the entire day in there! I also noticed they have monthly workshops which is so cute too.. Love love love. 10/10 would recommend!

genesis london

Genesis¬†is literally Namatshay if it were a restaurant: all pink, and all plant-based. It’s a vibe for suuuuuure. Like I said it’s completely pink inside (even the toilets are pink! #GOALS!) and they have a pretty big menu of organic vegan dishes to choose from. I LOVED their vegan “Genesis Burger” but the salad I got was ok (I got the asian salad).. it was less than great if I am going to be honest, BUT I did like it there and had great service so I would def go back again and try out some different menu options! I think they specialize in vegan comfort food, so I would go back and try some of their heartier dishes out instead of a salad next time!

joe and the juice london

Joe & the Juice is one of my go-to spots in LA so I was stoked to see them EVERYWHERE when I was in London! They have great coffee and great juices, plus they have some vegan friendly breakfast items (I love the joe-gurt!) which are great for on the go!

vegan pizza london

Franco Manco¬†all I am going to say is this: BEST SOURDOUGH CRUST VEGAN PIZZA EVER! One more tip: ask for some chili oil and dip your pizza in it.. ughhhhh so good I want some right now!!!! PS: they have them all over- so check out their website to see which location is nearest you! I have been to 2 different ones.. that’s how good it is!

wild food cafe london

Wild Food Cafe¬†is a super cute little cafe in Neals Yard (which is a vibe in itself!) I had their soup of the day which was good! They had a pretty big menu that I didn’t really get to dive in to because I wasn’t super hungry when I went (weird I know, I am always hungry) but I would def go back again to try some more items out!

press juice london

Press great spot for juices, vegan protein smoothies, coffee and take away soups!

vegan breakfast london

Bill’s was a funky spot¬†I stumbled¬†on while in search for vegan breakfast in SOHO.¬†Apparently this is a chain restaurant but I had a pretty decent vegan breakfast here! It wasn’t my most favorite place but in a pinch it works! Also, this would be a good spot to go to if you are going with non-vegans as they have a full menu for those type of peeps ūüėČ


My Neighbors the Dumplings has the best vegan dumplings ever!!! I love the picnic style tables, the energy of this spot was so good, cozy environment, great sake and even better food. 10/10 would recommend!

vegalicious london

Vegalicious¬†immediately caught my eye because it’s completely¬†pink (#GOALS!) and then I was even more stoked to find out they serve vegan soul food! I can’t remember what I got exactly but it was super yummy and the couple that owns it was super nice! Will def be going back here again!

vegan soho london

Aubaine is such a chic looking little French inspired cafe in SOHO! They are not a necessarily a vegan restaurant but I had a really delicious salad here that was vegan friendly! They also had a great crudités plate that was delish and buffalo cauliflower bites that were amazing! If you sit outside they will give you a blanket too which was such a cute touch.. loved it here!

suffolk vegan

Gastronome-Me¬†is a super cute cozy cafe in Suffolk with some¬†great vegan options! I went there for breakfast and had the wild mushrooms on sourdough and if I am going to be honest I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I ate there lol.. it was really really good!!

Also worth noting: Whole Foods is easily accessible in the UK which ended up being a great place for me to stop and load up on vegan friendly snacks, celery juice and soups to-go!

Hope you enjoyed my London Vegan list.. I do plan to go back soon so I will keep adding to the list! For more updates on the reg be sure to follow me on Instagram and Youtube!

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