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February 25, 2019


Celery Juice

Hey bb!! Today I am talking all things CELERY JUICE! I know there is a lot of controversy around this subject, and many refer to it as “just a BS fad” but I have tried it first hand (I always like to experiment on myself before I share anything with you babes!) and after months (3 straight months to be exact!) of experimenting I can confidently say that adding in celery juice every morning has been a MAJOR game changer for my health and skin!!

My journey with celery juice all started when I became desperate to heal my acne after multiple failed attempts. If you want to read more about my skin journey check out this post I did on it: Healing My Acne; but for the sake of this post I’ll keep it short and sweet.. I tried multiple dermatologists (and was told by 3 to get on Acutane), I tried changing my diet and doing Whole 30, I tried balancing my hormones tough food and other modalities (and successfully did balance them) I tried antibiotics, ointments, creams, skincare lines, no alcohol, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, more water, etc.. and still… I had red inflamed acne. I also did experience quite a bit of bloating and digestive issues but I never connected the dots.. more on that later though.

After months and months of taking Chinese herbs 2 x a day, strict dietary protocols all of the listed above (which was over the span of a few years) and still no major change in my acne I decided, along side of my herbalist, to get a full blood panel done to check my hormones and see what the heck was going on, in hopes of getting some answers. Upon going over my blood work results we discovered my hormones were perfectly balanced (my initial thought was yay but also ok… then what is causing this acne??), my vitamin levels and everything looked perfect, on paper I looked to be in perfect health except for one minor thing: low HCL levels in my gut and the possibility of bacteria in my small intestine which could be causing inflammation and bacterial acne. My herbalist suggested I start taking HCL supplements to help reduce inflammation in my gut and help with digestion.

 Around this time I had discovered the Medial Medium and was hearing everyone talk about celery juice… at first I thought it was some random health trend, and totally wrote it off as bogus.. but after continuously hearing about it I decided to do my own research.. this is where it gets interesting: Celery juice is anti-inflammatory and also helps strengthen the hydrochloric acid (or HCL) in your gut, which is a naturally occurring acid that helps with digestion.. CELERY JUICE + HCL??!! Wow…it was at this point I realized that I may be on to something life changing! So, after my celery juice research I thought why take supplements when I can just drink celery juice every morning? (PS: if you want to read more about the amazing benefits of celery juice check out this blog post from the Medical Medium!) It was finding this common thread that I decided to take a different route as it pertained to healing my acne, and it was also the first time I made the correlation between my acne and my digestive issues.. everything was starting to make sense. I took bits and pieces of things I had learned through researching and created my own little protocol to strengthen my immune system, kill off any bad bacteria that was living in my gut, and strengthen the good bacteria which you can read all about here: Healing My Acne.



better digestion + gut health

clear skin

less inflammation in my liver and gut

breaks down toxic liver heat

boosts my stomachs hydrochloric acid (aka HCL)

boosts my immune system and helps my body fight off infections

….and that’s just a sliver of the health benefits!!!


I drink 12-14 ounces of plain celery juice every single morning on an empty stomach.. I have been doing this for 4 months now religiously. I ALWAYS use organic celery (if it’s not organic you run the risk of toxins and then whats the point) and I try to juice it fresh every morning for maximum benefits, but if I know ahead of time I’ll be short on time the next morning I will juice the night before because pre-juiced celery juice is better than no celery juice!!


I think juicing it in a juicer is easiest/best, but if you don’t have a juicer then don’t fret! You can totally use a blender and a cheese cloth to strain it! I show you exactly how I make my celery juice in my latest YouTube video all about Celery Juice, which you can watch by clicking here or the photo below!

celery juice youtube

Have any more celery juice questions? Just leave them in a comment below! Happy to help in anyway that I can 🙂  Alright, thats all for today my loves, until next time!.. actually wait, we don’t have to wait until next time.. you can hang with me on the daily over on Instagram! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram for daily tips and tricks, yoga, fitness and inspiration!

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