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January 2, 2021


Setting Mindful Intentions

Happy New Year bb’s! I am absolutely filled with gratitude to be here in this fresh new year full of possibility. If I’m being totally honest though, it’s a healthy mix of cognitive dissonance after the last year we have just survived 😂😅😬 There is one thing I for sure don’t have cognitive dissonance about and that is setting mindful intentions! These are non-negotiable in my book! And I think they should be in yours too, especially with this new chapter we are starting that is 2021. 

I’m going to invite you to ditch the New Year’s resolutions; because although they can be fun, they often don’t stick. If you you’re a The Yoga Inspired Life podcast listener or watch my YouTube channel then you know the last week has been all about intentions and goals over here, but setting mindful intentions is a practice that I find SUPER powerful, so it’s gettin’ a spot on the blog too. Here I will break down the what, the how, and the rituals of mindful intentions to create real, meaningful, and lasting changes in your life that will hopefully help you contuse to cultivate a passion-filled inspired life.. that’s the ultimate goal, right?


Let’s start with what the heck I am even talking about. A mindful intention is a guiding principle for how you want to be, live, show-up, be, and simply exist in the world. This can be in any avenue of your life: your relationship with yourself, others, your job, or even how you show up on the mat!

So how are they different than New Year’s resolutions? Often times with New Year’s resolutions, we simply state our desires, which tend to be more tangible and/or measurable. But those my friends, those are just goals. Now don’t get me wrong  WE LOVE GOALS.. but I’ve found that goals alone are not enough. Setting mindful intentions brings an entirely new and DEEPER layer to life. With mindful intentions, there are no expectations or attachment to outcomes. Instead, they are tools to ensure your life is in alignment. 

A mindful intention is a purpose. It’s an inspiration. It is motivation. And it has to come from your heart, is personal to you and most importantly it should move you on a soul deep level. Mindful intentions are a way to bring your heart and head into alignment. 

This is deep, I know. But let’s get deeper. 


Ask yourself this question: what matters most to you?

Your answer to this can give you a perfect starting point to set your own personal mindful intentions. You could ask yourself this going into the new year and set yearly intentions similar to a resolution. But I’m going to invite you to get micro, and break this down smaller and set these intentions monthly, weekly or even seasonally like I recently have begun to do.

Again, mindful intentions go more in-depth than surface-level things like losing 10 lbs or making a certain amount of money. A mindful intention is really how you want to SHOW UP in the world. The energy you want to cultivate and embody. How you are going to be the MOST aligned and in flow. 

Want something even more powerful? Set daily mindful intentions in meaningful moments. Think about a mindful intention when you wake up in the morning to start your day. Or even better when you get on your mat at the beginning of your yoga practice. If you are not setting a mindful intention right then and there for what you need that very second, you are missing a decisive moment to be aligned and find your flow. 


Once you have the intention in mind (or intentions if you’re in the mood to set more than one!), you have to announce it to the universe. Own your goals, dreams, and desires. Put them out there and be proud! And the best part? You get to create how this looks, and it gets to be entirely unique to you. It does not have to be on Instagram or a vision board, but also, it 100% can be! 

I used to set monthly intentions but I found a month went by far too quickly and ended up writing the same intentions down each month; so recently I shifted my practice to setting seasonal intentions! At the start or just before the beginning of each season (winter, fall, spring, summer), I take an evening to myself, self-care included, and reflect on the previous season. What worked? What didn’t? What do I need to do to support myself? It is the time every season for me to dive into self-reflection and prepare myself for an aligned season ahead. 

The key here is finding something that is sustainable. With New Year’s resolutions, we often fail because we set goals on New Year’s Eve, and that’s where they die. We don’t set up rituals to revisit them. To make sure they are working. To ensure they don’t have to change.

This is why creating rituals around your mindful intentions that feel grounding, uplifting, and exciting to you, whether that is daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally is key for you to find success in this practice. This is how they won’t become just another failed New Years’ resolution. 

The last thing I want to mention here is gratitude. Gratitude is so important because you can’t have these intentions coming from lack or low vibe energy. Gratitude is one of THE most high vibrational states to be in and we want high vibe energy well, all the time lol, but especially when setting intentions! You must find a way to be content and grateful with where you are while working towards what you want. Why? Because of the Golden Rule — LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

Keep manifesting all the positive things, loves. I can’t wait to see where your mindful intentions for 2021 lead you. And collectively, where all the good vibes we will be putting out for 2021 will lead us all. PS: if you’re really vibing this post then make sure you go listen to my most recent solo pod ep Get Inspired, Realign & Reset for 2021 💫 and read 7 Steps to Manifest Anything for more 2021 inspo!

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