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April 6, 2017


BBG 1.0: My 4 Week Progress Update

I can’t believe it, but I have completed Week 4 of BBG and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! I am 1/3 of the way done with BBG 1.0 ! Wooohooo!! I have been wanting to complete this program for some time now; not with hopes of losing weight, but in hopes of building strength and proving to myself that I actually CAN do it.

bbg workout plan

 I have been open on my Instagram account (@shaylaquinn) about my struggles with staying committed to the 12 week program..I have been struggling for longer than I would like to admit. I made so many excuses: I moved..twice, I went through a bad break-up, I started a new business, “I can’t workout at home because I get distracted”, “I’ll start next week”, “I’m tired”, “I’m sick”.. blah blah blah.. ALL EXCUSES.

4 Weeks ago I got tired of making excuses, and I took action. I’m going to be sharing a few tips on how I got motivated and have been sticking to the plan next week (so be sure to subscribe so you can get that post right to your inbox!)

But in the meantime I wanted to share my 4 week progress photos and stats! I do want to mention I am only tracking my stats as a personal aid in tracking my progress throughout my fitness journey, and out of sheer curiosity, because when I started BBG 1.0 4 weeks ago I really started to pay more attention to my food, water and protein intake.

P.S. I found this really cool body analysis scale at target that measures body fat, body water, BMI and bone mass! Pretty interesting.. I normally don’t obsess about the number on the scale but I really liked the body analysis feature of it which is why I plan to check in every 4 weeks to see where I am at!

Starting Stats 2/27/2017

WEIGHT: 117.5 LBS.

BMI: 19.6

BW: 61.7%

BONE: 6.2%

BF: 15.4%

4 Week Stats 3/26/2017


BMI: 18.9

BW: 62.4%

BONE: 6.2%

BF: 14.4%

bbg results shayla quinn

Recap: I have been feeling stronger both physically and mentally. I really noticed the stronger physically part this past Monday when I not only was faster and more efficient at doing those loooovely burpees in Week 4 Legs and Cardio, but I got more than just my normal 2 rounds done in the 7 minute circuit! My pushups are feeling stronger too, and I notice the strength I’m building in my body showing up in my yoga practice as well! Which I love. I will say on Friday when I did the Week 4 full body workout I felt REALLY sluggish..The first circuit I felt like I started out strong and was able to complete more than 2 rounds in the 7 minutes, but the second circuit I struggled big time.  Also, because I am still practicing yoga 6 days a week (5 days vinyasa + 1 restorative) I substitute a lot of the arm exercises out with either legs or abs as I do a lot of chatarnugas etc that are working my arms in yoga.

4 Week Changes: 

WEIGHT: Down 3.5 Pounds

BMI: Down 0.7

BW: Up 0.7%

BONE: No Change

BF: Down 1%

I feel happier in general, my mood is at 100% for what seems like all the time now since I have been working out regularly; and I feel so accomplished each day knowing I took time to take care of me.

So far so good! I will do another update at the end of week 8! So Stay tuned! I also share progress on my instagram so if you want to see more day to day updates follow me there 🙂 @shaylaquinn

PS: have you checked out my new vegan e-book?!


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